Sony considering letting users change their PSN ID

There are a few things gamers can do on other consoles that Sony just wont let them do on the PS4. Play PlayStation 1,2 & 3 games on PS4 with a true backwards compatible feature, Cross network play with Xbox and Nintendo and change their PSN ID. 

Considering the PS4’s tagline “For The Players”, these are some of the features PS4 and Vita users (yes there are still some of us) are missing. Even the the Vita is backwards compatible and can play PS1 games.

A recent survey circulated by Sony mentions the possibility of allowing users to change their PSN ID multiple times for free. Now it must be noted that being mentioned in a survey is no guarantee of the feature rolling out. However, PlayStation boss Shawn Layden hinted that the feature could be in place by this years PSX. He said he hopes by the next PlayStation Experience he won’t have to answer anymore questions about the topic.

Microsft allows you to change you gamertag once for free. After that they charge $10/£8 each time you want to change it. 

I created my PSN ID 11 years ago and would love the chance to change it. Even if they charge me to do it. 

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