Nvidia launches GeForce Now for Windows

At CES in Las Vegas Nvidia launched the GeForce Now Beta in North America and Europe.

GeForce Now will allow gamers to play games on computers that normally wouldn’t be capable of running them. By streaming the game over the internet all the hard work is done by a server and sent back to your computer. The best part is you can install your own games from Steam,uPlay or Battle.net, as long as your game is on the supported list. 

Some people will be please to know that the mega popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is supported.

PUBG is supported by GeForce Now


Nvidia suggest you have minimum internet speed of 25 Mbps but recommend 50Mbps to get the best experience from GeForce Now. 

Access to the beta is available via this link. Its free at the moment but will be a subscription service when it fully launches. 



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