Let’s talk about Star Trek Discovery

WARNING: Spoilers for Start Trek Discovery

If you haven’t seen episode 13, stop reading, go catch up and come back. I’ll wait….

OK, now you’re all caught up.

Way back in September, just as the first episode of Star Trek Discovery was about to air, I have never wanted to like a tv show more than I wanted to like Discovery. 

Oh boy was I not disappointed. Speaking as someone who has seen every episode of every Star Trek series (not counting the animated series) probably more times than is considered “healthy” and bordering on a bit weird, Discovery has shot straight to my number 1 Star Trek series ever. Sorry Deep Space Nine.

With only two episodes left of season 1, let’s have a look at some of things we might see, and a few questions that need to be answered.

Now that the Discovery has returned to its home universe, all be it 9 months late. They discover that the Klingons have won the war with the Federation. After reuniting with what remains of the Federation, the crew of the Discovery may well find out that the ISS Discovery that they swapped places with actually aided the Klingons in the war. This makes sense because the Terran Empire despises everything that Federation stands for. So a chance to rid our universe of them might be too tempting an opportunity to pass up.

After returning to their universe. The Discovery’s crew soon realize the Klingons have won the war.

It’s obvious that at some point the Klingons will be stopped from ever winning the war. Unless this series is going to change the Star Trek timeline just like JJVerse films did. 

So, to stop the Klingons winning the war, the Discovery probably uses the Spore Drive to go back in time to the moment the Mirror Discovery appears and sends them back, taking the Emperor with them. Or stops the war starting in the first place at the Binary Stars. But this would also mess with the Federation history we all know.

While Stamets uses the Spore Drive, all the particles are always white. When Discovery successfuly returned home a solitary green Spore spec fell on Tilly’s shoulder. This particle could well be Lorcas conciseness from the Mirror Universe. 

This is more of a hope than a prediction. We know from the Enterprise episodes, In a Mirror, Darkly, that Hoshi Sato becomes Empress. It will be cool if it was revealed that Emperor Georgiou is Emperor Sato’s Daughter/Grand daughter.

Lorca was from the mirror universe all along.

Aside from the predictions there are at least two burning questions that need to be addressed in the final two episodes. What did mirror Lorca do with prime Lorca. And what is the explanation for the Federation never again using the Spore Drive. 

That has been my biggest issue since Discovery started. The Spore Drive is so unlike anything seen in any Star Trek tv show or film. There must be a reason it’s never mentioned by starfleet, ever again. 

That bring us to one last prediction. And it’s a big one. 

The USS Discovery we have been watching isn’t from our universe, but a third parrallel universe. It makes sense. The Discovery itself is so unlike any other Federation starship, past present or future. The Spore Drive is almost alien, and Stamets mentions the Multiverse. He has probably seen a lot of them. The producers of the show said that Discovery is in the Prime Timeline. They didn’t say they are FROM the Prime Timeline. 


At least we don’t have long until we know the answers. 

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