Gran Turismo Sport update coming tomorrow.

The first major update to Gran Turismo Sport in 2018 launches tomorrow (January 26).

Included in the 1.11 update are 10 new cars, a new track and 4 new GT League events.

The 10 new cars are..

Dodge Viper GTS
Ferrari 512 BB
Ferrari 330 P4
Ford GT
Jaguar XJ13
Lamborghini Diablo GT
McLaren F1
Toyota 2000GT
Toyota FT-1
Toyota Supra RZ

The McLaren F1 and Lamborghini Diablo GT join the Gran Turismo Sport car roster.

As for the track, Monza is coming with the 1.11 update. Along with the GP circuit, there will be 7 more layouts to try out the new cars on.

The addition of GT League in the 1.10 update allowed for a real offline experience. With the 1.11 update there are 4 more league events to get stuck into.

Monza is the latest edition to the somewhat lacklustre list of GT Sports tracks.

F150 Raptor Survival
J-Sport Meeting
La Festa Cavallino
Gr.3 Endurance Series

Update 1.11 will go live at some point tomorrow. Probably around 6pm GMT. 

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