Crash N-Sane Trilogy might be coming to Switch and PC.

It looks like the Crash N-Sane Trilogy will be launching on Switch and PC at some point his year according to a UK licensing firm. The licensing firm say Crash will “Go broader” 2018 with Crash N-Sane Trilogy releasing on Switch and PC. There will also be another Crash game in 2019.

Could this be a remake of Crash Team Racing (I really hope so) or Crash Bandicoot 4. 

Crash is owned by Activision, not Sony. And given the huge success of Crash last year it wouldn’t be a surprise for Activision to release it on as many consoles as possible. Maybe even the Xbox. 

A release on PC ties nicely in with a rumor from 2017 that supposedly shows a development build of the N-Sane Trilogy being played with Xbox button prompts. That could either be the PC version or more than likely, development versions of games usually use Xbox prompts early in development until the final UI is added to the game. 

Either way we should know more at, or hopefully before E3 in June.


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