Call of Duty WWII gets two new game modes

With just a week to go until the first DLC for Call of Duty WWII hits the PlayStation 4, two new game modes are being made available to get players in the mood on PS4, Xbox One & PC. 

Starting tomorrow (January 23rd) and lasting just over one month players will be able to compete in Prop Hunt and Demolition. 

For those that missed Modern Warfare Remastered, Prop Hunt sees one team take on the role of various props within the map and attempting to stay hidden from the enemies. 

Demolition is also a team based Mode which sees one team attempting to detonate two objectives and the other team obviously trying to stop them. Think Search and Destroy, but with respawns. 

For the duration of the event there will be a dedicated Demolition 24/7 playlist.

Along with the new modes, the event includes new weapons and contracts, see the full list here.

The Resistance DLC launches first on PlayStation 4 on January 30th and features 3 new multiplayer maps, a new War scenario and a new Zombies level.

Expect the Resistance Map Pack to hit Xbox One and PC at the end of February or early March.


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