Apple, Please add mouse support to iPad in iOS 12.

The iPad Pro is such a joy to use. Whether you use it for keeping up to date with the news and social media, playing games or working on. Its fast, intuitive and with the right apps installed, can do just about anything.

While accessories are supported by the iPad, external keyboards and the Apple Pencil. There is one glaring omission, Mouse support.

Apple keeps telling us the iPad is just as capable as any computer, and it is, up to a point. I can set up up desk with my iPad and keyboard but every time I need to move the cursor on Word or want to use another app I need to reach and use the touchscreen.

While this works perfectly fine it isn’t the best solution. I have a touchscreen Windows all-in-one but very rarely use the touchscreen. 

If Apple really wants people to replace their computers with and iPad they NEED to add official mouse support to iOS 12, and ill be first in line at the Apple Store for a Magic Mouse.

With mouse support I would do everything on my iPad.

Stay tuned for WWDC in June. We will be going over a few things in our wish list closer to the event.

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