Anthem delayed to 2019 to make way for new Battlefield

EA have officially confirmed Anthem with release in Q1 of 2019 instead of this Autumn. The gap in the EA’s release schedule will be filled with a new Battlefield game. 

Given the questionable decision by EA to release Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 with two weeks of each other in 2016, it’s hardly a surprise they don’t want their biggest shooter going up against BioWare’s new IP.

Battlefield 1 took the series to WWI in 2016, but it’s release so close to Titanfall 2 maybe wasn’t the best decision by EA.

Anthem, which was teased on stage at E3 2017 and fully revealed during Microsoft’s press conference had already been delayed from March 2018 to Autumn 2018. 

While EA did specifically mention the new Battlefield, no details were offered regarding its setting or name. Only that it will release this October, Which means it will beat Treyarch’s Call of Duty to release if they stick to the usual early November release. 

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