2018 Predictions

With the start of a new year comes the excitement of all the new gaming goodies that could be announced. Lets have a look at some predictions of what we will see in 2018.

Sony tease the PS5 at E3

Let’s start with a big one. The PlayStation 4 is 5 years old this year so there is a strong possibility Sony will tease the PlayStation 5 at this years E3 in June. In much the same way Microsoft teased Project Scorpio at the 2016 E3 Press Conference, not much will be given away, probably the code name (Project Trinity) and a “The most powerful console ever” line and that’ll be about it. Expect a full reveal around May 2019.

With Microsoft still fresh from the Xbox One X launch don’t expect anything official on the Xbox 4/Two or whatever they call it this year.

Nintendo Switch price drops to £249.99 in time for Christmas

The Nintendo Switch has been a huge success story. Fastest selling console in US history and two of the best games of the year. Nintendo will want to carry on the momentum they gathered last year and announce a price cut for the Switch to £249.99 to coincide with launch of its paid online service, probably all just in time for Christmas.

Nintendo release N64 Classic

Staying with Nintendo. After the success of the NES Classic and SNES Classic we might see a N64 Classic. There are already signs of it coming too. Nintendo has trademarked several names that point to an N64 Classic coming eventually. Let’s just hope they make more of them this time and it has Goldeneye included.

Halo 6 announced at E3 & releases in October

Everyone was expecting this in 2017, but it never came. We were even told before E3 not to expect any Halo news for a while. After the criticism of the Halo 5 campaign they need to get this one right. There has been a Halo every 3 years so 2018 should be the year for Halo 6. Expect a announcement at E3 and a release in October.

Forza Horizon 4 releases in October and is set in Japan

Ok, so this one is obvious. Every year since Forza Horizon they alternate between Motorsport and Horizon. Well, Forza Motorsport 7 came out in 2017 so it’s Horizons turn.

There have been rumours for years pointing to a Japan bases Horizon game, so Forza Horizon 4 could be the one to conform those rumours.

New Battlefield announced at E3 releases in November

I could have gone with the safest bet of the year that there will be a new Call of Duty. But that is even more of cheat than using Forza Horizon 4. So instead we will go with, EA will release a new Battlefield. It will have been 2 years since the excellent Battlefield 1, So a new instalment makes perfect sense. It will probably set during WWI again which is fine but please give us a stronger single player campaign.

Microsoft announce Xbox VR

Microsoft have always said “When the time is right, we will explore VR on Xbox.” Well they have the most powerful console ever made on the market. If there was ever a time to dip their toes into VR it’s now. Expect a tease at E3.

Sony announce Vita 2

After the massive commercial failure of Vita (outside of Japan anyway), Sony hinted it was done with the handheld market. Could the success of Nintendo’s Switch convince them to rethink? It’s entirely possible that a Vita 2 could give the upcoming PS5 similar Console/Portable hybrid features.

Sony make PS1 & PS2 backwards compatible on PS4

Microsoft have shown that gamers really do want true backwards compatibility. Sony seem to have an aversion to offering backwards compatible PlayStation games. The only way to do it is either with PlayStation Now or to buy one of the few PS2 games released for the PS4. Backwards compatibility is complicated but not impossible on the PS4.

Thanks in part to Sony’s short sightedness with PS3, making it very difficult to develop for. While the PS4 is technologically capable of emulating the PS3 it would be very difficult and expensive to do. Forgetting the PS3 for a moment though. The PS4 is already capable of playing some PS2 games so making true backwards compatibility support for PS1 and PS2 game discs should be fairly straight forward. Maybe they will save this one for PSX in December.

Rockstar announce GTA6

Believe it or not, but GTA V is 5 years old this year. Despite this it is almost always in the top 10 best selling games every month. Originally released on PS3 and 360, and later ported to PS4 and Xbox One. There hasn’t been a GTA game made from the ground up for the current generation of consoles. GTA is now a once in a console generation event. With Red Dead Redemption 2 coming this year the chances of GTA VI releasing this year are 0%. However, an announcement with an early 2019 release is very likely.

Crash N-Sane Trilogy comes to Xbox and Crash Team Racing Remake gets announced

Rumors of the Crash Remake Trilogy coming to Xbox started soon after the games PS4 release. A couple of screenshots from a dev build appeared to show Xbox button prompts in the game. This could just mean they used those while testing the game or it is coming to PC. Also the Remake was handles by Vicarious Visions and not Naughty Dog so an Xbox is possible.

Staying with Crash, after the success of the N-Sane Trilogy, currently the 4th best selling PS4 game, a remake of Crash Team Racing could also be announced this year.

Portal 3 and/or Half Life 3

Valve has never released a game with the number 3 in the title and has probably banned its staff from even using the number 3 at work, they don’t believe in the number 3 and don’t trust the number 3.

But we do know Valve is working on a couple of projects at the moment. We also know they tested almost 100 concepts for a Portal 3. So you never know, Maybe, Just maybe…….

Call of Duty: World at War Remastered

2016’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered was a huge success. Treyarch will be releasing a Call of Duty game in November. We might just see a World at War Remaster to go with it. Here’s hoping for Modern Warfare 2 Remastered next year.

We will check back at the end of the year to tally up the scores.

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